1. All stories must primarily focus on the relationship between Buffy and Spike, in any incarnation. This includes William, Joan the Vampire Slayer, and Randy Giles. Other pairings (i.e., X/A, W/T) are fine.

2. Stories must be nominated in the correct categories. Please review the category descriptions before nominating. Only individual stories can be nominated; sequels that comprise a series have to be nominated separately. Any story nominated in the wrong category will not be counted.

3. Nominations can be done by either the author or someone else. E-mails will be sent out to everyone who is nominated, regardless of who did the nominating. Make sure to fill the nomination form out completely.

4. A single fic can be nominated in up to four categories, excluding Best Author.

5. An author can have a maximum of two fics nominated per category.

6. There are nominated buttons available here . As I understand that not everyone has their own site, or is interested in having lots of buttons to worry about, these are not required to win. On the other hand, they're kind of pretty and a wonderful way to let people know you've been recognized. The choice is yours.

7. Fics posted in groups (MSN, Yahoo, etc.) are not eligible as not all judges may have access to these facilities. Fics posted in livejournals and the like must be either be a single part story or archived in one easily followed place (like a memories page). It is too much work to spend time searching through journals for the next chapter, and any fic that is nominated that doesn't meet these criteria will be disqualified.

8. Winners and runner-ups (meaning the fics, not the author unless it's the Best Author category) from the current calendar year and from previous Year End Awards are ineligible to be nominated again in that category.

9. Fics do not have to be complete to be nominated. However, obviously, the more of the fic there is, the easier it will be to judge. The exception to this rule is the Long Story category; this is done in order to maintain the integrity of the nominees for the year-end awards.

10. Though there is a special category just for them, all-human stories (fantasy/au) can be nominated in any of the other categories as well.

11. Nominations begin June 1, 2007, and end June 30, 2007.

12. Judging begins July 1, 2007, and ends July 31, 2007.

13. Winners will be announced August 1, 2007.

14. Any fic not accessible during the judging period will be disqualified.

15. All fictions currently archived at Love's Last Glimpse are ineligible for nomination.

16. When filling out the nomination form and asked if you read the rules, put "You play for kittens?".

17. Any nomination in violation of any of the rules will be deleted.

18. If you have any questions about any of the preceding rules, please contact me .